Kimbo Slice Next Fight Managed By Icey Mike Imber

It’s simply crazy to think that Icey Mike Imber would stop managing Kimbo Slice now, the street fighter YouTube sensation now professional, heavy weight boxer. As a team-together, they’ve accomplished so very much. Why would they go on their separate ways? They’re good friends and they work great together. So, some people seem to have a problem with Icey Mike Imber, well, it doesn’t seem to be slowing either one of them down. In fact, it seems to be the fuel added to the fire that amps them up as they prepare for Kimbo’s next fight.

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On February 11, 2012, Kimbo Slice will come face to face with his next opponent on his fourth, heavy weight professional boxing match. His long time friend and manager that’s been there for him since his first back yard/street fighting fight will stand by him, cheer for him and have his back like any good friend would. You see, the reason, this duo works so well, is because they were friends before anything else and continue to be. Therefore, I predict that not only will Mike Imber will be managing this upcoming fight but many more to come.


How “Icey” Mike Imber and Kimbo Slice Met

When you hear about “Icey” Mike Imber and Kimbo Slice’s long time friendship it’s no joke. These two were actually high school friends, that linked back up after Kevin Ferguson aka Kimbo Slice didn’t make the Miami Dolphins football team. Kimbo had begun working as a bouncer at a strip club when old friend Mike Ember offered him a job as a limousine driver and bodyguard. Since then the two have been un-separable.

So for those of you who just said WHAT? and where left feeling lost and confused when I mentioned, “Kevin Ferguson aka Kimbo Slice didn’t make the Miami Dolphins team” it’s true he was a football player. He had actually went to college at both Bethune-Cookman University and the University of Miami. He had an athletic scholarship and studied criminal justice for about a year and a half before dropping out to tryout and train with the Miami Dolphins pre-season squad.

Kimbo Slice Movie Acting Debut In Scorpion King Part 3: Battle for Redemption

If you’re a fan of Street Fighting, MMA Fighting and Boxing then I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with Kimbo Slice, the three time winning extraordinaire. Kimbo Slice really was an over night success. Once the camera got a close up of the 6’2, 225 pound, killing machine, he’s made waves on the internet. First he was a grand hit on YouTube with his back yard/ street fighting kick ass moves. He went on to becoming an MMA fighter and now he’s a professional boxer with three wins under his belt. His latest endeavor is his movie acting debut in the Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption which fans are just dying to see. In the past he’s had several other acting gigs, but this is by far the biggest.

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Kimbo Slice (which birth name is Kevin Ferguson) will be playing “Zulu Kondo” in the much anticipated, Scorpion King installment. The franchise has a steady fan base. Those who were fans of “The Mummy” just love the “Scorpion King” for it is a prequel to “The Mummy.” Kimbo Slice will be playing some kind of tribal warrior which suits him just perfect as he is a strong looking fellow that with the right costume and makeup surely looks like a deadly force of sorts.

The Scorpion King Part 3: Battle for Redemption will be released on January 17, 2012.

Mike Imber Managing Kimbo Slice’s Next Fight

Mike Imber despite all the smack talking and hating on his collaboration with old friend and boxer: Kimbo Slice will go on to manage yet another fight. People that don’t like Mike Imber also known as “Icey” for his affiliation with the porn industry have had to swallow their poisonous and negative comments. Time and time again the duo win, showing people how wrong they are and that in fact, they’re a great team.

Just recently on December 30, 2011, Kimbo’s last fight wasn’t looking very hot in the first couple of rounds but the tables turned and Kimbo Slice came at top once again as the winner with his good friend and manager “Mike Imber” right by his side.

Why does it matter if Mike Imber has ties with the adult industry? It’s a perfectly legal industry that many adults happen to enjoy just as much as they enjoy a good fighting match. I don’t understand how people can say his affiliation with the adult industry can give boxing a bad name. It’s not like boxing is a sport of saints. In the past boxing has had its own fair of negative media commentary which they earned all by their lonesome. Sounds like hypocrisy to me. If they hate the adult industry so much, why do they have the sexy girls in bikinis announcing the coming rounds while entertaining a crowd mostly made up of men? Just rings like a double standard.

But Mike Imber and Kimbo Slice are sticking together like true comrades. Kimbo Slice’s next fight is next month on February 11, 2012. The two old friends will face criticism and scorn once again. But that’s not all they’re looking forward to, they have their fair share of fans that are not hypocrites or sided by double standards that will be onlooking for yet another victory for Kimbo Slice. You can forget about Mike Imber being out of the picture, its not going to happen. He will manage this next fight and will be there at his friend’s side as he’s always been.

The next fight that takes place on February 11, 2012 will be held at The O’Reilly Center in Springfield, Missouri. His opponent this time around is the never defeated before: Robert Bruce. This fight is awaited for with great anticipation and we’ve yet to see if Robert Bruce is truly undefeatetable.

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Kimbo Slice in The Scorpion King 3: Battle For Redemption

Kevin Ferguson aka Kimbo Slice has proven to be a force to be reckoned with both in and out the rink. Teamed up with manager “Icey Mike” aka Mike Imber these two just can’t be taken down. While many have question Icey Mike’s management abilities I think he’s work has spoken for itself. After all Kimbo Slice has gone from being a nobody backyard fighter to one of the most well known names in the fighting world.

When it comes to discussing Kimbo’s management team Icey Mike Imber MMA Training said it best, “His management has created a larger than life Kimbo that is extremely popular, has his own line of figurines and his own game of “Kimbo Punch Out.” Slice has made more money from fighting than all the other TUF contestants combined and has a fraction of their experience.”

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Aside from all that Kimbo Slice has also been featured on both TV and movies. He began his acting career when he appeared on a televised movie called Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh in 2008. He then went onto play the role of J.C. in the film Blood and Bone in 2009 and was featuered in 3 different films in 2010; Circle of Pain, Locked Down and Spring Broke. On January 17th you will also be able to catch him in his latest role of Zulu Kondo in the movie The Scorpion King 3: Rise of the Dead!

News on Mike Imber

Just an update on Icey Mike Imber: If you haven’t heard already, you can check out the footage of Kimbo Slice winning his professional boxing debut. Needless to say, there are plenty of things in the works for Kimbo from here and he is already gearing up for his next fight.

As far as any news or press releases regarding Mike Imber, you can always keep checking out this blog for all the latest. There are several Mike Imber Blogs out there and we hope to maintain them with all the latest information on Kimbo Slice and all the other ventures which are currently in the works.

Icey Mike Imber Will Accompany Kimbo Slice on Boxing Debut

Ever since Kimbo Slice appeared in his first back-yard brawl, “Icey” Mike Imber has been by side, as both a manager and a friend. So, it should come as no surprise to learn that Icay Mike Imber will also be by Kimbo Slice’s (also known as Kevin Ferguson) side this week as he making his boxing debut in a match in Miami, Oklahoma. Ironically, it was Miami, Florida, where Kimbo Slice Ferguson gained most of his fame as an underground street fighter.

However, on August 13th, Kimbo Slice and Icey Mike Imber will be on the same corner again as Kimbo makes an attempt to dominate the world of professional boxing. There is no doubt that professional boxing can use a personality like Kimbo Slice. There is no doubt that audiences gravitate towards his events and at 6’2” and 225 pounds, Kimbo Slice is certainly a candidate to become a successful heavy-weight fighter.

Fight promoter Gary Shaw is close friends with both Icey Mike Imber and Kimbo Slice. He was quoted as saying, “Kimbo has been in Los Angeles area training for this for almost three months. I don’t know how far he can go, but I know he’s very strong and powerful. I know the heavyweight division is weak at this moment in time, so it gives him an opportunity. He’s never been in against top echelon boxers, so that story is still untold. But I know if he can’t do this or he feels he is in over his head or outclassed, he’ll call it a day. He will not make a fool of himself. He’s too proud.”